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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Obama Regime Corruption and the anti-gay Democrats

Democrats are widely seen as the pro-gay political party, at least of the two dominant parties, because they have more gay office holders, receive over two thirds of the gay vote, talk about gay issues, and publicly seek gay dollars and endorsements.

At the same time, it is President Bill Clinton who enacted the Defense of Marriage Act and the Don't Ask Don't Tell policies.

And it is the Democratic congress that has done untold public relations damage to gay Americans by protecting and promoting both the late Congressman Gerry Studs, who transported an intern across state lines while having an affair with him, and surviving Congressman Barney Frank, whose lovers have included a male prostitute who ran an escort service out of Barney's home and another who was a program director at Fannie Mae, while Barney's congressional committee oversaw and defended that agency, while it was doing its part in creating the mortgage and financial crisis.

And it is the Obama regime that has appointed several incompetent and or immoral gay Czars, including the Education Department's Kevin Jennings, whose professional resume as an educrat includes an episode of protecting and enabling a pedophile. Why is appointing the trashiest, thuggiest, stupidest or least moral members of the gay community to government positions, just because they were Obama campaigners, a good thing for the gay community?

For years the Democrats have needed gay issues to be unsolved so they could use gay issues as wedge issues and milk the gay community out of campaign contributions. Gay Democratic leaders like Clinton appointee Richard Socarides, Gore campaign chair Donna Brazile, or Business Forward lobbyist Hillary Rosen are formally out in their communities, but never identified as gay when they appear every week on ABC or MSNBC, lest it turn off the viewer. Yet they are happy to see Republican closeted gays outed and accept the notion that being less than out implies that homosexuality is shameful and leads to teen suicide. When Brazile is on ABC's "This Week" and says she thinks Governor Perry is hot, as she did this week (reminiscent of Rosie O'Donnell's leaden running joke about her crush on Tom Cruise on her variety show), is she responsible for the next teen lesbian suicide in Texas?

Ms. Brazile also ran the 2000 Democratic nominating convention, which I attended as a gay donor. We were feted with special all gay sky boxes, credentials to go on the floor with the delegates, nightly cocktail parties with people like Ellen and Betty Degeneres and Anne Heche. But when the cameras were on, Democratic Party apparatchiks made sure any rainbow flag or pink triangle was put away, lest a voter in fly over country see it.

And now we have the spectacle of the outing of a gay or bisexual Congressman before any ethics charges against him have been heard, because he was not a solid vote in favor of Obamacare. It's rather obvious that the Obama-Pelosi regime leaked the fact that Massa is not straight and sexually harassed someone (and/or manufactured either part of that story) to get rid of him.

Given that they bribed some Congresspeople with hundreds of millions of pork and promised others judicial appointments for family members, and that their every word is a lie, there is no reason not to believe that.

The Democrats have long taken black votes and gay dollars while being ready to throw gay and black politicians under the bus, and pursue policies harmful to gays and blacks, as they are doing this month with Massa, Patterson etc. Massa's resignation leads one to believe that if he stayed and fought in Congress the Ethics Investigation would produce something embarrassing to him. (Though how independent are such investigations from the influence of Pelosi or Obama?) Perhaps his appearance on Glen Beck will provide some illumination.

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