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Is twitter...
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Thursday, August 26, 2010

My assessment of Rachel Maddow

In response to the brilliant and lovely Megan McCardle's blog at the Atlantic:

My guide wasn't meant for savvy urbanites like you or indeed for people moving here to live.

It's for people who would never visit a metropolis except to protest the imperial government located here.

I have addressed the boobish coverage by Maddow, Matthews, Huffington Post and other flaks on the blog "Tea Party -- One Lump or Two?"

I notice that the very first poster below, lemming like, repeats Maddow about how a teeny sliver of the city was on my "allowed" list where out-of-towners were allowed to venture on their own. His trust is misplaced; Maddow is an airhead, credentialed or not. My rough rule of thumb of staying west of 14th street NW and in SE Cap Hill around Eastern Market or on the red, orange and blue lines, not the green or yellow, includes almost of all of NW DC (over 1/3 of the city), including the historically black neighborhoods of Crestwood, Shepherd's Park, Colonial Village, and 16th Street Heights (as well as Arlington and Montgomery Counties).

I don't know if Rachel Maddow just doesn't know any black people in these safer and affluent neighborhoods, or if she saw them come outside but assumed they were the help because the houses were so nice. I know she wanted to scream racism (initially she claimed my blog was written by a someone from deepest, whitest Maine) to help her beloved Obama regime, which is beyond help.

Maybe she should return to Afghanistan and file another report about how Obama's predator drones, unlike Bush's, represent a delivery of essential city services, and not war.