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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Lifestyles of the tax predator ruling class: wonking in the steam room

So I was in my gym again today, just a block north of Lafayette Park and two blocks north of the White House. Two pro-regressive Democrats I blogged about last time, two guys who work out together and and then steam in the steam room, just sittin' around talkin', once again gave me their unsolicited political commentary.

One is Joseph Cirincione, executive director at the leftover group Ploughshares (easy to identify these type of peeps as they publish their glamour shots on the organization's websites).  [I am sure I could figure out who the other one is but I don't really care enough to devote the time to it yet.]  They both appear to work for Democratic Party affiliated non-profits and political groups, so in my earlier blog post (where they were unhappy with Obama for criminalizing and prosecuting leaks) I did not use their names; but now I learn the federal government pays for their speaking trips abroad and one is being appointed to a State Department group, so I will no longer be so respectful of their privacy.

 They were watching MSNBC in the locker room around 10 am (they seem to work out around 9:30 am in the morning and then head to offices, lunches, or panel discussions around 10:30 am at the earliest) and got very excited about Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton:

"He's great for our Party."

"Yep.  It's like Ohio or Wisconsin, but on our side.  It's good we have one person who stands on principle."

The principle in this case is the Dayton refuses to cut spending or taxes.

Then in the steam room the conversation continued:

"Have you ever been to Australia?"

"Yea, Brisbane and Melbourne."

"I've never been -- how did you miss Sydney?"

"I just go where they send me to talk.  I do back to back talks, two a day."

"Oh, paid for by State.  That's how I usually travel too, but sometimes they make me give 3 or 4 talks a day.  It's brutal."

"Yep.  And now I am about to be appointed to the Advisory Council for the Secretary of State."

Isn't it interesting that men who are paid to travel around the world giving speeches on the taxpayer dime are against tax and budget cutting?  I wonder if they advise the people in other countries, that our tax dollars are paying them to talk to, that cutting taxes or spending is a bad thing to do?