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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Gary Johnson's in tomorrow's debate

September 21, 2011

Late yesterday evening, Governor Johnson received official confirmation that he will be included in this Thursday’s Fox News GOP Presidential debate!

The debate will take place in Florida on Thursday, September 22, and will be broadcast live on Fox News at 9 PM EDT.

This is a huge victory for liberty over the establishment. Governor Johnson will share the stage with eight other candidates and you can bet that he will bring ideas and approaches to the challenges we face that would otherwise not be heard.

A balanced budget in 2013, an end to unnecessary foreign wars, and a gubernatorial track record that truly sets Gary Johnson apart.

How will those other Governors be able to compete?

I also wanted to mention that there has been a significant burst in activity during the last 12 hours as a result of Governor Johnson’s inclusion in the debate.

Prominent articles have appeared in The New York TimesABC NewsReasonThe Daily Beast,CBS NewsHuffington PostAmerican SpectatorThe IndependentYahoo NewsThe Miami Herald, and countless others.

More importantly, we’ve seen a surge in web traffic commensurate with this explosion in press coverage, and this will likely continue during the next few days.

Please show Governor Johnson your support with a generous donation ahead of the debate:

And of course, don't forget to tune in Thursday night!

Live Free,

Ron Nielson
Senior Campaign Strategist
Gary Johnson 2012

P.S. Governor Johnson will be in Thursday's GOP Presidential Debate. Make sure to tell your friends to watch on Fox News at 9 PM EDT!