Tax serfs

Tax serfs
It's the stupidity, stupid.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Mitt Romney woos the tea party

Americans for Prosperity president Tim Phillips has just introduced Mitt Romney as the first of several post lunch speakers in the grand ballroom of the new pharaonic DC Convention Center (a 4 floor set of interconnected glass, steel and concrete boxes that extend over at least 3 entire city blocks -- built with all the transaction taxes during the heady days of the real estate boom, none saved for a rainy day or used to repair DC's disastrously deteriorated schools).

After an intro contrasting his early days starting Staples, with a warehouse office and used furniture, with the Taj Mahal of the Solyndra office, Governor Romney offered the crowd, who only learned he would be speaking to them yesterday, some redder meat.

Mitt is wooing the tea party activists in attendance, promising to reduce federal government spending to 20% of GDP even while maintaining military strength and protecting Veterans benefits. Taking the podium to almost no applause, he did get applause when he promised to abolish Obamacare. He then promised to reduce funding for Amtrak, the NEH, the NEA, and foreign aid to countries like China that are doing well or that oppose "American interests.". Continuing Romney promised to end subsidies to planned parenthood and to return other federal programs, including Medicaid, to the states.