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Is twitter...
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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Alternet readers call for murdering political opponents

Over at the more or less Stalinist website Alternet, an article decrying the Koch brothers and their involvement in tea party politics, has some interesting comments from readers. including a few calling for snipers to kill anyone who attends their conference.

Next meeting ... infiltrate to find location.

They reserve the entire facility ... a perfect target ...

Employ Palin's Cross Hairs policy ...   get a nutjob to aim, shoot  ... no problem.

Koch Brothers Convene Super-Secret Billionaires' Meeting for 2012 Elections

Some of America's wealthiest Republicans flew into Palm Springs last weekend to update their stealthy political strategy for 2012.

The story is by the humorously named Lee Fang, a main writer at the so-called "Center for American Progress," itself funded by the multi-millionaire (John and Anthony) Podesta brothers, who both live in DC and make money influence peddling. (

Lee Fang